Business support in Ukrainelegal, accounting and staff accounting support of business, consultation of the lawyer, accountant and staff accountantRepresentation of individuals interestsdivorce, alimony, property division, reinstatement of employment, etc.
Drafting and analysis of contracts and other legal documentsdrafting and analysis of sales-purchase (delivery) agreements, services and works provision agreements, rent and subrent agreements and otherLitigation support of legal entities and individualslegal representation in economic, administrative, general courts, courts of all instances (local, appeal, courts of cassation) and at the Supreme Court of Ukraine
Support of cooperation with banksregistration of loan agreements with non-residents, using of documentary operations, etc.Debt recovery through legal proceedingrecovery of debt from legal entities and individuals at all stages: pre-trial, trial, executive
Registrationregistration of legal entities and private entrepreneurs, trademarks, public associationsRepresentation in the ICAC at the UCCIrepresentation in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine
Liquidation (termination)termination of legal entity by means of liquidation, termination (liquidation) of private entrepreneursConfession and enforcement of foreign courts’ judgementsconfession and enforcement of foreign court's judgement at and out of the territory of Ukraine

Wellcome to the website of our company and thank You for Your interest!

Several words about us:

The primary objective of our company – is to effect the complex support of the investors that are going to start or already transact business activity at the Ukrainian market (including the foreign ones), that is: to provide the wide range of legal, accounting, staff accounting services beginning from the introductory consultations and finding solutions of the organizational issues in order to give start-up for your business and completing with the complex current support of the everyday business activity.

As early as the stage of weighing all pros and contras starts, our specialists shall provide you with all the information concerned with your future activity that is necessary for decision-making, shall assist you in choosing the appropriate form of legal entity incorporation, determine the optimal form of taxation, taking into consideration the potential ‘pitfalls’ of the national tax legislation and the practice of its implementation by the tax and judicial authorities in Ukraine.

Our employees will give you the preliminary consultation; work out the plan of business organization of future actions and will start fulfilling it. We’ll compose the statutory documents in accordance with the individual requirements of your business, register a company, obtain all the approvals and permissions necessary (including labour permission for the future non-resident company employees if required), develop essential internal company documentation (including staff documentation as well).

As soon as your company starts providing business activity we are able to supply you with the full-range legal, accounting and staff accounting support.

1. Legal services.

Depending on the client’s needs and requirements include:

- modeling of standard-form contracts for your cooperation with counterparts, checking the correctness of the contracts, filling them with the data before they are concluded, analyzing models of contracts proposed by your counterparts, drafting memorandums of agreement, coordination the contract terms and conditions with your counterparts, control over executing of the contracts that are in effect (as well as drafting acts of executed works/provided services, coordination and agreement of documents with banks, counterparties, etc.). The above mentioned services are also concerned with:

  • agreements for transferring the rights for trade mark on the territory of Ukraine (considering peculiarities of Ukrainian and International law);
  • equipment and raw materials supply agreements;
  • rental agreements/sublease agreements;
  • other agreements that may be required while providing business activity (agreements for providing freight and forwarding services, telecommunication services, loan agreements, mortgage agreements/pledge agreements, etc.).


- providing legal advice on issues concerned with current business activity.

- providing services concerned with customs clearance procedures of imported/exported goods (including support of accreditation process, agreement of requests applied to the customs with brokers, support of passing customs procedures and the permission documentation drawing up process (agreement with brokers).

- carrying out of registration and re-registration procedures, introduction of alterations into the registration and other documents (including increasing the statutory capital), receipt of appropriate declarations, certificates in state authorities, and the like.

- providing analysis of counterparties (checking in frames of judicial decisions base, Unified state register of business activity subjects). It includes preliminary checking and analysis of the information received as well as checking of your counterparty’s authorized persons empowerment on the basis of the statutory and registration documents analysis - directly before signing the appropriate agreement.

- legal services on claims compilation and legal representation in economic courts and in other courts of general jurisdiction, court of referees, commercial arbitration court, composing of all the necessary service proceeding documents.

2. Accounting services.

Include collecting and systemizing of primary accounting documentation, accounting concerned with foreign economic activity, submitting the reports using for this purpose special appropriate program (that is approved by tax authorities), book-keeping and accounting in official version of accounting program 1C, full cooperation with bank, charging salary and salary taxes and control over their due time payment, etc.

3. Staff accounting services.

Include developing of all the staff documentation for the company required by legislation, providing staff accounting, submitting reports (considering peculiarities of the foreign non-resident employment), arrangement of non-residents appointment to the managing positions, assistance in search of recruitment agencies (holding negotiations with them), taking new employees on the staff, registration and support of personal data base (in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation).

We propose you to concentrate on you Company development, and all the rest you may entrust to the professionals.



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