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Termination of business activity (liquidation) of legal entity

Our company offers services of legal entities business activity termination by means of liquidation.

The process of liquidation (termination) of a legal entity is rather complicated and takes a lot of time. Experts of our company will assist you in solving of all the problems that will happen during the termination process and in succeeding in all the stages of the procedure.

The cost of our services depends on the characteristics of your company (tax system, the presence/absence of debts before state authorities/creditors, presence/absence of foreign economic activity, etc.).

The term of liquidation is 3-6 months.

Grounds for termination of business activity of legal entity by means liquidation:

- decision of owners (authorized body);

- decision of the court because of violations, committed during the creation of legal entity and in other cases stipulated by law.

The requirement to liquidate a legal entity can be submitted to court by state authority effecting the registration (state registrar), owner of the legal entity, and for  joint-stock companies - the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market.

A legal entity is considered to be terminated from the date of registration of the record about termination in the State Register of legal entities and private entrepreneurs (hereinafter- «State Register»).

In order to terminate business activity legal entities should submit the following documents:

- original or notarized copy of decision (minutes) of founders (owners) or body authorized by them to terminate the legal entity, which also contains the decision about the appointment of the liquidation commission with definition of its powers and the way of decision making; also contains the procedure and time submission of claims of creditors (cannot be less than two or more than six months);

- power of ttorney for representative of our company, which empowers to submit documents to the state registrar.

In the day of the mentioned documents receipt the state registrar makes the record about the decision regarding termination in State Register and informs other state authorities about this.

After making a record, usually in two (2) months, the following steps take place:

- the liquidation commission drafts the interim liquidation balance, which is to be approved by owners of the legal entity;

- in liquidation balance the value of the property of a legal entity is determined;  

- the  liquidation commission effects payments to creditors and pays debts (if any);

- tax servicae and the Pension Fund check the presence/absence of  debts.

As the result of the inspections legal entity receives the following documents:

- certificate confirming the absence of debts from tax authorities;

- certificate confirming the absence of debts from Pension Fund.

A legal entity also must transmit to appropriate archival storage the following documents:

- statutory documents;

- staff accounting documents;

- accounting documents, including reports to Pension fund.

Archival storage issues the certificate of acceptance of the above mentioned documents.

In case of absence of debts, problems with accounting reports and paying of appropriate duties to the tax authorities and Pension fund, the Chairman of the liquidation commission (or representative empowered by power of attorney) gives the state registrar for the following documents for final liquidation procedure:

- application;

- certificate confirming the absence of debts from tax authorities and Pension Fund;

- certificate of acceptance of documents  issued by Archival  storage.

Experts of our company will assist you with the preparation of all documents, will represent your interests before the state authorities, and will do everything possible for easiest and quickest procedure of liquidation.




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