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Termination of business activity (liquidation) of private entrepreneur (individual)

Our company offers services regarding the termination of business activity of private entrepreneur (individual)  (hereinafter – «PE») by means of liquidation.

The cost of our services depends on the characteristics of activity of the PE (tax system, the presence/absence of debts before state authorities/creditors, presence/absence of foreign economic activity, etc.).

Necessary documents:

- reference from bank indicating that  the account of PE was closed ;

- bank statement showing account activity  for the entire period of the closed account existence;

- copy of passport and identification code;

- power of attorney empowering representatives of our company;

- accounting and other documentation that reflects the business activities (book of income and expenses, invoices, statements, bills, contracts, receipts, showing payment of taxes and duties, etc.).

Term of termination (liquidation) of PE in authorities of state registration – 1-3 business days from the date of signing of power of attorney authorizing representatives of our company.

The term of deregistration in tax service and pension funds - thirty (30) calendar days (in case of absence of debts, if all reports were submitted in time and if set of documents is full).

It is well known that to register as the PE is much easier than to terminate business activity (liquidate).

According to amendments introduced into legislation of Ukraine, which entered into force on July 7th , 2014, the procedure of liquidation was simplified.

In order to stop business activity (liquidate) it is sufficient to submit to state registrar the following documents:

- application (Form 12);

- power of attorney empowering representatives of our company.

After receipt of the documents, the state registrar issues notice about termination of business activity of PE.

Nevertheless, despite of the fact that the termination procedure actually was reduced to one day, deregistration in tax service and Pension fund will not happen automatically. The inspection procedure is necessary anyway.

The difference between the old regulations and new ones is that during the termination of business activity you need to respond operatively to the requests of the tax inspector, to provide tax authorities with documents and explanations, you just do not need to be initiator of inspection, as it was before.

This means that submitting of application (Form 12) to state registrar is the ground for unscheduled inspections regarding paying of taxes (duties).

After receipt of information from the state registrar tax inspector appoints the date of your inspection for checking the settlements with tax service and pension fund.

It should be noted that the workload of inspector is taken into account during appointing of the date of inspection.

Our experts will communicate with the tax inspectors in order to control  the process of inspection and to respond all questions that may arise during the inspection.

The inspection lasts five business days starting from the date of appointment of such inspection.

After the inspection, the inspector effects the procedure of signing of bypass letter (earlier it was PE who did this).

But if you have some debt, or reports submitted not in time inspector can extend terms of inspection as long as the issue is settled.

If you paid all taxes and submitted reports in time, the actual procedure for the deregistration in tax services and pension fund (including drafting internal documents of authorities) may take approximately thirty (30) calendar days.

As a result, you will receive a certificate regarding finalizing of inspection and deregistration of PE from the register of taxpayers.

It should be noted that issuance of such certificate is provided  by your request, there is no such obligation of tax authorities to  issue it according to legislation now.

Experts of our company will assist you in preparation and submission of documents, represent your interests before the state authorities (including receipt of certificate regarding finalizing of inspection) and will do everything possible for easiest and quickest procedure of your PE termination (liquidation).




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