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Registration of individual - sole proprietor (private entrepreneur)

Our lawyers will perform the entire registration procedure during the period of 4-12 business days.

To start the procedure of registration the following documents are required:

- copy of entrepreneur’s passport.

- copy of identification code of entrepreneur.

Before starting registration process, we shall discuss the following matters:

- types of business activity;

- the necessity of having a stamp;

- desirable system of taxation.

Our services for sole proprietor (private entrepreneur) registration include:

- Preparation of documents for their submitting to the state administration;

- carrying out the procedure of state registration in the regional state administration;

- effecting of all the state obligatory payments that arise during registration

- payment for all notary services;

- in case of necessity of registration of the private entrepreneur as the single tax payer:

- preparation and submission of the Application for receiving of status of single tax payer;

-registration of Books of income recording

- receiving of the extract of State register of tax payers

The period of registration - 4-12 business days.

Possible additional services

- accounting services

- legal services




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