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Registration of public association

Public association is the association of citizens organized for protection of their legitimate social, economic, creative, age, national, cultural, sport and other common interests.

All of the major issues of public associations are to  be resolved at the meeting of all the members or representatives of members of the association.

Public associations of Ukraine are established and act with the Ukrainian, local and international status.

Types of public associations:

-Ukrainian associations (the activity is valid on the entire territory of Ukraine, association has local  branches  in the most of regions).

-Local associations (the activity is valid on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit or region. Area of ​​activity is defined on owns behalf of  the members of  public associations.)

-International associations (the activity is valid on the territory of Ukraine and at least one another country).

We offer you the complex of services of registration of public associations.  Our lawyers will provide the entire procedure of the registration within 30 working days.

To start the process  we need the following documents:

For founders - individuals:

 • copies of the passports of the founders;

 • copies of the identification numbers of the founders;

 • copy of the passport of the Director (Chairman);

 • copy of the identification code of the Director (Chairman).


For registration of a public association which intends to act as the legal entity we need the following documents and information:

 • notarized application, signed by the Director;

• charter (two copies);

• minutes of the general meeting of a public association;

• details concerned with the governing bodies of public associations (indicating the name, date of birth of the head (Director) and the other members of the governing bodies, as well as their positions in governing bodies);

• separate branches (if any), indicated in the minutes of the meeting of founders;

• in the case of registration of a public union – it’s necessary to provide information about the owners indicating the name and family name, date of birth, place of registration; for unions of citizens' associations - it’s necessary to indicate the name of the association, the location of the higher statutory bodies, as well as copies of legalization documents.

Registration term - 30 business days.

The procedure of registration of a public association includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of the Charter of the public association;

  • registration of a public association;

  • manufacturing of the stamp (if necessary);

  • Opening of the bank account.

  Additional services:

  • registration of changes (change of address, change of the founders, the change of Director (Chairman), changing of the name of the legal entity, changes to the Charter, receiving of the Extract from State register of legal entities and private entrepreneurs).



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