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Support in cooperation with banks in the sphere of Trade finance and documentary operations.

Dear Buyers and Sellers, Producers and Intermediaries!

We would like to offer you quality consulting support in such spheres as:

Documentary operations:

- documentary credits (export  and  import letters of credit, documentary credits in national currency, transferable  and deferred payment letters of credit, etc.);

- banking guaranties (payment guaranties, advance payment guaranties, performance bonds);

- documentary collections (export and import).

Trade finance (where  Letter of Credit  is used as a mode of payment):

- short-term financing of goods import;

- financing for the term of up to 2 years, provided for purchase and installation of industrial equipment bought outside  of Ukraine.

Willing to work in the new business sphere? Your company is in active progress? And therefore you are looking for new partners and sales areas and at the same time you wish to minimize the respective risks?

Your company is involved in foreign economic activity, you constantly deal with foreign partners and at the same time you are interested in deferred payment or short-term financing?

You’d like to expand your production and buy the necessary equipment for this purpose outside of Ukraine?

We’ll provide you with quality support in solution of these issues by selecting the right payment instrument and working out the most effective scheme of settlements with your counter party. That will give you an opportunity to:

- substantially minimize your risks (risks of non-payment, non-delivery of goods, non-fulfillment of any other contractual obligations) when you have settlements with new partner or you do not know the partner very well (especially when you effect foreign economic activity);

-  meet the needs of your partners (with the maximum benefit for yourselves), when they ask you to use letters of credit or documentary collections in your settlements. You can also emphasize to you counter party the seriousness of your intentions by the means of banking guarantee;

- receive an opportunity of the deferred payment or vice versa provide your partner with such an opportunity;

- be financed at the rates lower than during standard credit activities when purchasing goods for resale or buying industrial equipment.

Our  assistance as well include the following:

-  full support of the transaction starting from drawing up of the payment terms in contract drafts at the start-up stage, up to the final settlements and the expiry of the transaction;

- servicing without standardization, we understand that each transaction is unique and use the individual approach to each our Customer.

- negotiation of all the transaction details not only with you, but also with your counter-parties as well as with the banks involved in the transactions.

 - assistance in search of the appropriate bank, if there is such a necessity.

Documentary operations and trade finance – are really effectively working instruments. And if you wish to save your time and get rid of the necessity to spend it for details – you should put yourselves in hands of professionals!

If you have any questions concerning trade finance or documentary operations, please, do not hesitate to contact us. Tel. (044) 272-01-10 or (063)-638-57-36, e-mail: (contact person - Olga).

Please, ask us any questions and you will receive up-to-date and professional answers.



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