Administrative disputes

From time to time entrepreneurs, who either act as legal entities or private entrepreneurs, as well as individuals face with improper decisions of public bodies when they perform their public authority management functions. Actually such public body can be whether a state body, or local authorities body. These improper decisions can make some negative effect for an entrepreneur, such as: audit provision with a consequence decree for penalty payment, a prescription for a suspension of a business activity etc. As for an individual, there are some situations, when a public body makes a decision to impose penalty over such person without any sufficient legal reason.

Due to the fact that such situations arise, the First Legal Company can help you to protect your rights in the judicial proceeding. Wherein, we can provide you litigation in the following categories of disputes:

  • Appeal of the tax authorities’ decisions; 
  • Appeal of decisions (regulatory acts or acts of individual activity), acts or acts of omission of subject of public authority management functions (such as: state executive body, state authorities in labor matter, Inspection of a state architectural and construction supervision, the Fund of social protection of disabilities` rights, etc.);
  • Appeal of different committees decisions (including competition committees) and other similar bodies;
  • Reinstatement of employment, concerned with public work performance;
  • Other cases in disputes between authorized body and entrepreneurs/individuals.

Representation of interests in an administrative dispute includes:

  • assessment of the prospects of the court case;
  • development of a plan to protect your interests;
  • drawing up a statement of claim, a response to a statement of claim;
  • preparation of other procedural documents;
  • pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
  • representation in court;
  • representation in enforcement proceedings.