Civil disputes

The current facts of life in Ukraine, unfortunately, sometimes provide such conditions where subjects of business activity lack fairness when they fulfill their obligations. Thus, for example, often we observe acts of improper commission (or omission) in relation to the right of a human for labor and/or rest, inviolable property rights, personal non property and/or property rights of spouses, rights on the safety environment for life and health, etc., that are protected by the Constitution of Ukraine

Performance of such acts of commission (or omission) really damage people.

If you apply for our assistance, you shall definitely get a renewal of your violated right. For this, you need to confirm as stipulated by Law that our company is authorized to protect your interests at the court of general jurisdiction within dispute litigation process.

The First Legal Company can help to renew your rights in one of the following categories:

  • Labor (demand of unpaid wages, dismissal wages, other dismissal payments or any other payments that should be paid to employee according to the Labor Law; change of dismissal reason wording;  employment reinstatement etc.);
  • Family (alimony demand, divorce cases, property partition, etc.);
  • Disputes concerned with non-performance or improper execution of civil contracts (restitution, appliance of consequences of a void contract; recognition of contract as disputable, rescission of a contract, decision to oblige for definite actions performance; compensation of damage, etc.);
  • Disputes, concerned with declaration of title, where one of the parties is individual (not providing business activity);
  • Disputes in the sphere of the consumers rights protection.