Economic disputes

It is known fact that realization of business activity has some risks. It happens as business activity is provided by entrepreneurs at their own risk. Often this risk is concerned with occurrence of negative consequences for such entrepreneur. Thus, for example, even reputable entrepreneur, when it fulfills business obligations, may easily face with his counteragent acts of omission and/or unfair practice. Moreover, there often happen situations, when it’s necessary to protect from other market`s players particularly your infrangible property rights. 

In this case, the First Legal Company will stand on the way of a protection your violated, unrecognized or disputable rights and legal interests at the economic court in consequence with the following types of the disputes:

  • Debt collection due to non-execution or inappropriate execution of a business obligation;
  • Appeal of decisions Antitrust Committee of Ukraine;
  • Corporate disputes between incorporators, or between founding participants of a company, or between incorporator and company’s participant;
  • Disputes regarding ownership or other legal title of property (movable and immovable property, including land plots);
  • Cases in disputes concerned with protection of business reputation.