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Business setup in Ukraine
About program

What is the program “Non-residents”?

A full range of services for organizing and doing business in the Ukrainian market:
  • Marketing analysis of the market: competition, pricing policy, sales channels and methods, the ability to compete by product, the ability to compete by price
  • A full range of activities on a company registration - selection of the organizational and legal form and taxation system, a legal entity registration, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits
  • Full legal, accounting, personnel support of business activities
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About us
First Legal
Ukrainian law firm specializing in provision of professional services to non-residents
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The main task of First Legal is to provide a comprehensive support to investors who are going to or are already operating in the Ukrainian market, namely, to provide a wide variety of legal, accounting, personnel services, ranging from introductory consultation and solving organizational issues for your business kick-off and to the comprehensive support of business activities
40+ professionals specialised in legal, tax, accounting and personnel issues
12 лет of successful work
250+ completed projects
165 corporate customers
Marketing analysis of the Ukrainian market
  • Calculation of production costs in Ukraine
  • Identification of the main competitors
  • Analysis of competitors' products
  • Pricing policy analysis of selected competitors
  • Analysis of competitors' sales channels and methods
  • Determination of the ability to compete on product and price
  • Information provision on Ukrainian market
  • Analysis of competitors' sales volumes and market share
Support in setting up of “Indirect Sales”
  • Contractors search (distribution and other companies) for the customer's tasks
  • Counterparty verification (reputation, solvency, facilities availability to perform a physical operation)
  • Negotiating on behalf of the customer, agreeing on the terms of cooperation
  • Preparation of distribution and other foreign economic agreements
  • Control and support of the counterparty's obligations performance
Test marketing
  • Bringing in a trial batch of goods
  • Certification and customs clearance
  • Preparing a pricing policy for the Ukrainian market
  • Offer to the market: putting on store shelves, making an offer to distribution companies, making an offer to B2B customers
  • Getting the result, making an analysis, preparing a report for the customer
Company registration in the Ukrainian market
  • Consulting services on a company registration in Ukraine (choice of organizational and legal form, tax system, etc.)
  • Development of a corporate structure optimized for the type of business activity in the Ukrainian market
  • Company incorporation. Preparation of individual statutory documents with the distribution of powers of the founders and governing bodies. Choice of organizational and legal form, tax system, location of the company, etc. Company registration
  • Acquisition of equity rights in operating companies in Ukraine. Full support of transactions
  • Obtaining licenses and other permits
  • Rent: land, equipment, premises. Legal due diligence of the counterparty and rented facility. Preparation of documents and conclusion of lease agreements
  • Purchase. Assets acquisition (buildings, constructions, land, industrial assets, equipment): Due Diligence, purchase price minimization, taxation optimization
  • Construction. Consulting on obtaining output data for the construction design of the facility; obtaining permits for the construction work implementation and/or putting the constructed facilities into operation. Construction contract, field supervision contract, technical supervision contract
  • Support in insurance of business, property, risks, employees
Assets buying and leasing
(land, real estate, equipment, ready-made business, etc.)
  • Asset screening and search
  • Due diligence of the purchased facilities
  • Counterparty negotiations
  • Comprehensive support in the process of documents package preparing regarding the agreements reached (preliminary agreements, memoranda of intent, etc.)
  • Tax optimization of purchase/sale transactions
  • Comprehensive support of transactions
  • Legal support in transactions for the equity rights acquisition (shares, etc.). Process structuring
Personnel support of the company
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Document preparation for official registration of employees as company personnel
  • Employees hiring. Compliance with all legal norms when hiring an employee (including preliminary notification of tax authorities, medical examination)
  • Development of employment contracts, job descriptions, internal regulations of a specific facility (regulations on wages and bonuses for employees, and commercial secrets non-disclosure)
  • Preparation of personnel documents (development of job descriptions, internal labour regulations, orders for vacations, business trips, staff schedules, orders for dismissal, orders and other documents in case of non-standard dismissal)
  • Organization of the personnel training process
  • Organization of briefings and obtaining a certificate of completion of training in fire safety and labour protection
  • Organization of the staff layoff process
Accounting support of the company
  • Full range of accounting services
  • Preparation of documents for submission to banking institutions in which the Customer is serviced or plans to be serviced in the territory of Ukraine, necessary for the bank to carry out operations related to the Customer's business activities
  • Calculation of compulsory payments stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine (including relevant tax payments, wages and other payments of the Customer's personnel, contributions to the pension and social funds), as well as preparation of the corresponding payment documents
  • Interaction with banking institutions (including transactions related to the foreign economic activity)
  • Preparation and maintenance of primary accounting documentation stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine (including preparation of invoices, acts, consignment notes, payment documents, etc.) in accordance with the developed accounting policy and accounting standards
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory reports provided for by the legislation of Ukraine (including to the tax authorities, the pension fund and other social funds), the deadline for submission of which, according to the legislation of Ukraine, begins before the date of termination of the Agreement
  • Direct reflection of business transactions in accounting on the basis of primary documents (accounting is carried out in the licensed accounting program 1C8), provision of ongoing consultations
  • Tax invoices registration with the tax authorities and verification of the registration of tax invoices of the contractor (if necessary)
  • Control over timely execution of payments to the company
  • Statistics preparation about the business activities of the company
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
Tax planning and support of tax audits
  • Tax planning. Reducing the tax burden
  • Tax audit of payments for all types of taxes and fees
  • Legal support for tax authorities audits
  • Audit of the accounting support quality. Gaps identification and risks minimization
  • Preparing for a tax audit
  • Protection of tax payers rights
  • Administrative and court appeals against decisions of tax authorities
Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits
  • Obtaining a license for the production and sale of medicinal products
  • Obtaining a license for the retail trade of alcohol and tobacco products
  • Obtaining a license to trade and store fuel
  • Obtaining a license for medical practice, a license for a pharmacy, a medical institution accreditation
  • Obtaining permission to start construction work
  • Obtaining a license for construction activities
  • Registration of food production facilities in the register of the State Food and Consumer Service
  • Obtaining a certificate of conformity and an opinion of the Sanitary Epidemiological Service for imported goods for the State Food and Consumer Service
  • Registration and support for the protection of the patented products production
  • Registration and support of software manufacturers and distributors
  • Obtaining a license for tour operator activities
  • And other licenses
Intellectual property
  • Trademark registration
  • Patenting
  • Registration of new IP
  • Trade secrets and confidential information
  • Development of an optimal scheme for using a trademark. Ensuring the scheme implementation
  • Legal support in litigation regarding the protection of intellectual property rights
  • Development of a licensing agreements system
  • TM protection. Pre-trial and judicial protection
Support in interaction with inspection and regulatory governmental bodies
  • Occupational Safety and Health. Preparation and support for audit
  • Fire-fighting service. Preparation and support for audit
  • Safety of buildings and structures. Preparation and support for a successful audit
  • State Food and Consumer Service (Sanitary Epidemiological). Preparation and support for a successful audit
  • Tax audits. Preparation and support for audit passing
  • Legal support and assistance during audits, documents seizures and other actions of law enforcement agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office, Security Service of Ukraine, State Fiscal Service, etc.)
  • Support during audits of other regulatory authorities
Preparation and support of contractual work
Document package preparation by business line
  • Rent, lease
  • Purchase and sale of goods, works, services. Supply activities
  • Work agreements (sub-contract work agreements) (including construction agreements)
  • Freight forwarding agreements
  • Loan agreements, facility agreements, financial assistance agreements
  • Labour agreements, contracts, collective agreements, outsourcing agreements, outstaffing agreements
  • Agreements on securing of obligations performance (including guarantee, pledge, penalty, surety)
  • Mixed agreements
Setup and support of the certification and customs clearance of goods
  • Organization and implementation of customs clearance procedures
  • Organization and implementation of certification procedures for imported goods
Support of logistic business operations
  • Logistics company selection
  • Agreements preparation for warehouse and transport logistics
  • Logistic process support
Legal support of supplier management
  • Supplier legal audit
  • Preparation of foreign economic contracts for products supply
  • Legal support in the process of concluding foreign economic contracts (including negotiating)
  • Legal support in the process of performance of foreign economic contracts
Legal support of customer management
  • Legal audit of counterparties
  • Preparation of sales and purchase agreements, supplies agreements, dealer agreements, etc.
  • Development of contracts for the provision of services or works
  • Legal support of the customer's interests in the process of concluding agreements (including agreement negotiating)
  • Legal support of the customer's interests in the process of performance of concluded agreements
  • Preparing strategy for interaction and legal support in the field of «Protection of consumer rights»
Business development under a franchise
  • Development of franchise agreements (commercial concession)
  • Search for potential partners for the franchise network
  • Legal analysis of partners
  • Participation in negotiations and protection of the customer's interests
  • Full accounting, personnel and legal support of all aspects of the franchise network
Dispute resolution
(pre-trial and judicial activities)
  • Representation of the customer's interests at the stage of pre-trial settlement (Mediation)
  • Representation of the customer's interests in economic disputes related to violation of contractual obligations by counterparties and other economic disputes
  • Representation of the customer's interests in administrative disputes (including disputes resolution related to illegal actions and decisions of state authorities and local self-government bodies)
  • Representation of the customer's interests at the stage of enforcement proceedings
  • Representation of the customer's interests in disputes about administrative violations
  • Legal support in the enforcement of court decisions
For non-resident employees
  • Obtaining the taxpayer registration card
  • Documents preparation of the inviting party for visa obtaining
  • Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner, renewal of a work permit for a foreigner
  • Obtaining a residence permit (temporary, permanent), renewal of a residence permit
  • Support in registration of a place of residence on the territory of Ukraine
  • Registration of a certificate of insurance
  • Extension of the period of stay of a foreigner within the territory of Ukraine
  • Registration of a sole proprietor (an individual entrepreneur)
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