The legal firm “First Legal” was founded in 2008 in the city of Kiev. Since its establishment, the “First Legal” company has primarily focused on providing legal services to legal entities in the business sector. However, over the past 15 years since its inception, the company’s areas of activity have significantly expanded.

Today, the legal firm “First Legal” is a reliable consulting company specializing in comprehensive business support, regardless of the type of activity conducted by its clients.

One of the distinguishing features of our company is the provision of a wide range of services, including legal support, accounting, and HR services for businesses. “First Legal” now boasts a team of over 40 specialists, including highly qualified lawyers, attorneys, auditors, accountants, HR professionals, and client support managers.

A significant aspect of our legal services is consulting. Consultation can be provided by our experts both orally and in writing. Additionally, you can also receive legal advice online.

We also provide a comprehensive range of services related to business organization in Ukraine. The legal experts at “First Legal” can offer the following types of legal services:

  1. In the field of corporate law: registration, liquidation of enterprises, amendments to state registers and founding documents, business buying and selling.
  2. In the area of contract law, we specialize in the development, analysis, and modification of contracts, including but not limited to:
    • Sales contracts.
    • Service provision contracts.
    • Work contracts (subcontracting).
    • Supply contracts.
    • Lease agreements.
    • Various types of construction contracts (preparatory work, general subcontracting, architectural and technical supervision, etc.).
    • Marriage contracts and alimony agreements.
    • Employment contracts and agreements.
    • Mixed contracts, agreements, and arrangements.
  3. In the field of migration law, we offer services such as:
    • Obtaining work permits for foreigners.
    • Obtaining and renewing residence permits.
    • Obtaining taxpayer identification cards.
    • Legalization of official documents.
  4. In international trade and business:
    • Drafting international trade agreements, appendices, and modifications.
    • Registration of representations (both permanent and non-commercial).
    • Obtaining permits for foreign economic activities (FEA).
    • Assistance in export-import operations.
  5. In real estate and land law:
    • Auditing real estate properties, primary and secondary market objects, and providing corresponding legal opinions based on audit results.
    • Auditing land plots and providing corresponding legal opinions based on audit results.
    • Support for real estate transactions.
    • Support for the conclusion/modification/termination of land lease agreements.
  6. Representation of legal entities’ interests in courts:
    • Real estate disputes.
    • Land disputes.
    • Contract-related disputes.
    • Administrative disputes.
    • Public procurement disputes.
    • Corporate disputes.
    • Protection of business reputation.
    • Intellectual property disputes.
  7. Representation of individuals’ interests in courts in:
    • Family disputes.
    • Labor disputes.
    • Inheritance disputes.
    • Contract-related disputes.
    • Real estate disputes.
    • Land disputes.
    • Administrative disputes.
    • Consumer rights protection disputes.
    • Intellectual property disputes.
    • Compensation for damages.
  8. Representation of interests in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (ICAC), including preparing lawsuits and all necessary documents, preparing procedural documents, lawyer or attorney participation in ICAC proceedings, obtaining decisions, and supporting the recognition and enforcement of ICAC decisions in Ukraine.

One of the areas of activity of the company is representing clients’ interests in Ukrainian courts by the company’s attorneys. Everyone can protect their rights and interests with minimal costs because, in the event of a court decision in favor of the client, this provides the client with procedural grounds for the reimbursement of legal expenses by the other party. In this case, the client receives only benefits, which include qualified legal services and a guarantee of full reimbursement of future court expenses. You don’t need to search for an attorney yourself; you only need to contact “First Legal,” which will provide you with an attorney in the corresponding field.

Typically, “First Legal” offers comprehensive representation in court, including a full package of services at an optimal price. Comprehensive representation by an attorney in court, regardless of the court’s jurisdiction and instance, includes the analysis of the client’s documents, assessing the prospects of the case, preparing the statement of claim and evidence to substantiate the claims, the attorney’s participation in court hearings, preparing all procedural documents during the court proceedings, and obtaining the court’s decision.

Moreover, the attorneys at “First Legal” also provide one-time services for representing clients’ interests, such as preparing the statement of claim, responding to a statement of claim, preparing petitions of any nature, analyzing the court practice on a specific issue, and more.

The attorneys at “First Legal” specialize in providing services in the fields of commercial, civil, labor, family law, as well as economic and administrative proceedings.

The advantages of cooperating with “First Legal” include:

  • Professionalism and experience of “First Legal’s” lawyers and attorneys.
  • Honesty and integrity. We are solely focused on achieving positive results. In cases where there is ambiguous court practice or other risks that may arise during client representation, we always inform the client in advance. It’s important to remember that not all situations can be resolved exclusively in favor of the client.
  • Each client is a valuable asset that builds our business reputation. We take into account the individual interests of each client. We are interested in clients who, after receiving one-time services, will turn to our company again, or better yet, become regular clients.
  • Responsibility and confidentiality. We take our professional duties seriously and guarantee the confidentiality of information received from clients through the signing of relevant non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • We work on the principle of “prevention is better than dealing with negative consequences later.”
  • “First Legal” is a team of professionals!