Several words about us

First Legal – is a Ukrainian law firm specializing in the professional provision of services in the field of taxation and jurisprudence

The primary objective of our company – is to effect the complex support of the investors that are going to start or already transact business activity at the Ukrainian market (including the foreign ones), that is: to provide the wide range of legal, accounting, staff accounting services beginning from the introductory consultations and finding solutions of the organizational issues in order to give start-up for your business and completing with the complex current support of the everyday business activity.

As early as the stage of weighing all pros and contras starts, our specialists shall provide you with all the information concerned with your future activity that is necessary for decision-making, shall assist you in choosing the appropriate form of legal entity incorporation, determine the optimal form of taxation, taking into consideration the potential ‘pitfalls’ of the national tax legislation and the practice of its implementation by the tax and judicial authorities in Ukraine.

As soon as your company starts providing business activity we are able to supply you with the full-range legal, accounting and staff accounting support.

Our Team

We propose you to concentrate on your Company development, and all the rest you may entrust to the professionals.