Business support in Ukraine

Our company has been providing services since 2008, at that, the principal direction of our activity is the complex support of business entities in Ukraine (outsourcing), that is: legal support, accounting services, staff accounting services. We provide onetime services on a fee-for-service basis as well as the complex ‘inside and out’ support of business on basis of monthly provision of stipulated services set. At that, namely complex support gives an opportunity to achieve the business potential as you will be able to concentrate on maintenance and development of your business while we’ll take care of you current legal, accounting and staff accounting issues.

Quite often, despite the attractive prospects and opportunities, potential investors refuse from the opportunities to provide business in the foreign country. Basically, the following factors push away the investors: lack of knowledge of local legislation and business practices, lack of a clear understanding of the economic situation and the situation at the internal market, etc. Those foreign companies that still invest in Ukraine, often face many difficulties, that sometimes may even lead to the closing of business that has not actually started.

Our company offers you expert assistance for starting your business in Ukraine.

Taking into consideration the volume and characteristics of your business, taking into account your aims and objectives, we help foreign investors to determine the legal form of organization for Ukrainian company, to choose the most suitable taxation system, to calculate the costs necessary to start your business activity. If there is such a necessary, our partners can do the comprehensive analysis of the market in the segment that you are interested in and to select qualified personnel.

In the future, we can offer you comprehensive support for your business: legal, accounting, and staff accounting support, as well as one-time services, if necessary, (including, but not limited to: consultations in those domains of law that are most interesting and promising for your company, analysis of the necessary documents, support of customs procedures, participation in negotiations with counterparties, receipt of authorizing documentation, employment of non-resident employees, etc.).

Knowing that the current issues are provided by competent specialists, you can focus on solving other important tasks and fully concentrate on the business matters of your activity.