Legal support of business

Rather often companies as well as private entrepreneurs (individuals) refuse from the legal support of their own business activity or do not pay due attention to it.

Usually it is concerned with the fact that middle-sized companies just find  no sense to spend funds for legal services and receipt of authorizing documents until they stay out of sight of the regulatory authorities and the counterparties fulfill their obligations in due time.  

When the problems actually arise, that happens sooner or later practically with all the companies and private entrepreneurs (individuals) that provide business activity, it turns out that it’s much more difficult  and expensive to solve them than it was to prevent.

Let us notice that legal support primarily is provided exactly with the purpose to find out and eliminate the potential legal and tax risks, that is: legal support for the company and individual is a kind of insurance and defense from potential adverse situations in future. 

Thus we recommend to provide at least minimum necessary legal support of business possible as even this will let to avoid the majority of the potential problems at the very beginning.

Legal experts of our company are ready to provide well-timed and professional legal support of your business at any stage of it: starting from your business organization or purchase of the ready-made business as well as at the stage of providing actual business activity up to, if necessary, the stage of business termination or withdraw from business in consequence with selling it or due to any other reasons.

In case you trust the legal support of your business activity to our legal company you will receive the office staff of legal experts that are specializing in different  branches of law. Working as a unified whole we exchange experience that positively influence the quality and efficiency of our services. At that you interests will be protected without breaks for vacations or sick-leaves.  

Cooperation with our company may be based either on our provision of the set of services on a monthly paid basis or on provision of the definite services when necessary in accordance with the client’s applications.

Our legal services include among other the following:

– consultations provided in written form or verbally  in the sphere of civil, economic and  tax law, labour relations law, intellectual property law, civil and economic procedural law as well as consultations in the sphere of other legal issues of overall character;

– legal consultations concerned with customs clearance of the imported or exported goods;

– preparation and analysis of the legal documents as well as preparation of written legal  advice (legal opinion)  according to the results of the provided documents’ analysis;

– legal consultations  preparation concerned with the issues of arrangement of legal relations with counterparts.;

– analysis of counterparts that include preliminary testing of counterparts under the open basis  as well as  analysis of the received information and the check of the power and authority of the authorized persons of the counterparties;

– representation of interests in state authorities;

– legal services on consulting and representation concerned with registration, introducing amendments into the statutory and register documents  and termination of the business activity;

– participation in negotiations with the counterparts in order to provide efficient legal consultations;

– representation of interests in local courts (economic, administrative, general courts), appeals courts (general, economic, administrative courts), courts of cassation (appellate) (Superior Economic Court of Ukraine, Superior Administrative Court of Ukraine, Superior Specialized Civil and Criminal Court  of Ukraine) and in Supreme Court of Ukraine as well as in the courts of arbitration and International Commercial Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.

Thus you may define those legal services that you really need!

Together with us you may not divert your forces on different legal issues whereas you are sure that competent specialists are involved. Therefore you may concentrate on solving other important tasks being overall engaged in managing and developing of your own business.