One of the most demanded services in the legal market is the support of business purchase and sale agreements. Based on the changes in the Ukrainian and world economy, the company owners and investors often face the issue of full or partial purchase and sale of companies. Moreover, the purchase and sale of business may also be a business. Recently, in view of lots of legislative changes in the field of corporate, tax and civil law, the process of purchase and sale of business requires more training and professional participation in such agreements. It should be noted that both the seller and the purchaser are interested in high-quality pre-sale preparation, because sale of this type of “goods” may have a lot of unpleasant surprises, which may become clear only after entering into the agreement.

Since 2008, the First Legal has been supporting business purchase and sale agreements (corporate rights) and, therefore, our professionals know all the nuances, pitfalls and gaps in the legislation. Given all the risks, we offer Due Diligence that will allow evaluating the situation in both financial and legal terms. Each our division will analyze the information and provide you with an extensive report on the situation at the enterprise. Due Diligence is a necessary procedure to finally decide on the feasibility of investing money.

We will become your reliable advisor and partner, as we use professional approach and a balanced solution to protecting your interests.

Our company offers the following expertise to make an agreement and minimize risks during the sale and purchase:

1) Pre-sale preparation of the purchase and sale of business, which involves legal, financial and tax audit (due diligence) and includes:

  • verification of title documents for the company purchased;
  • verification of rights to movable and immovable property;
  • verification of rights to the results of intellectual activity;
  • verifying the availability of licenses, permits, certificates etc.;
  • verification of contractual obligations and claims;
  • verification of other liabilities, debts to the budget and extrabudgetary funds;
  • verifying if the company purchased has any signs of bankruptcy;
  • verification of the financial condition of the company;
  • verification if the audit of tax and business accounting is performed;
  • verification of the block of labor relations;
  • verification and analysis of participation in litigation and pre-trial proceedings;
  • verification and analysis of the initiated administrative proceedings;
  • verification and analysis of the initiated enforcement proceedings.

2) Participation of our professionals in the negotiations, as well as support of the business purchase and sale procedure itself.

3) Preparation of drafts of the required documents, agreements of the purchase and sale of interests (shares) in the authorized capital of the company, preparation and holding of meetings of joint-stock companies.

4) If necessary, obtaining permits envisaged by the applicable law.

5) Support of signing the appropriate documents, agreements, etc., as well as their further state registration.

6) Compliance with confidentiality conditions at all stages of the purchase and sale of business.

It is difficult to decide on the purchase of a legal entity, as there are a great number of offers on the market. If you have any questions about the safe and reliable entering into the business purchase and sale agreement, the First Legal specialists will eagerly help you and answer your questions. You may contact us by phone or fill out an electronic form, and we will call you back as soon as possible!