The company “First Legal” has many years of experience in the legal field, as well as in the sphere of obtaining a certificate of no criminal record (extract from the information-analytical system). We understand the importance of obtaining this document for our clients, who plan not only employment abroad, migration, education, or other actions that require confirmation of their non-criminal record but also confirmation that the criminal record has been removed or expunged.

Service cost – from 800 UAH.

Execution time – 10 working days.

In the modern world, where legal requirements and procedures are becoming increasingly complex and convoluted, the mission of “First Legal” is to provide our clients with professional support and effective solutions to solve all their legal needs.

With the increase in migration flows of Ukrainians around the world and the growth of population mobility, the certificate of no criminal record (extract of no criminal record) becomes an increasingly important document for all Ukrainians planning to obtain a residence permit, education, employment, or relocation abroad. “First Legal” offers clients convenient online access to all services, allowing you to order the obtaining of a certificate of no criminal record without leaving your home or online.

Advantages of “First Legal”:

  • Fast and efficient obtaining of certificates of no criminal record throughout Ukraine;
  • Professional support and consultations for the client at every stage of obtaining the certificate;
  • Online service for ordering the service for the convenience of clients;
  • Guarantee of confidentiality and protection of each client’s personal data;
  • Flexible customer service conditions and the possibility to choose the payment for the service.

Our team at “First Legal” consists of qualified lawyers, advocates, and consultants who apply an individual approach to each client, ensuring high quality of service and confidentiality of all the information provided by the client. We use our experience and professional knowledge to make the process of obtaining a certificate of no criminal record as simple and convenient for you as possible.

For additional information on obtaining a certificate of no criminal record (extract of no criminal record), please use the feedback form on our website or contact us using the contact details located on our site.