An apostille for a marriage certificate is an important step for those planning to use this document abroad, whether for migration, registering a marriage in another country, obtaining temporary asylum, or other international legal needs that arise for every Ukrainian abroad.

Company “Persha Yurydychna” provides comprehensive apostille services for marriage certificates issued in Ukraine. Our services include consultation, preparation, and submission of the marriage certificate for affixing the apostille in the relevant authorities. We ensure high quality and efficiency at every stage of the process, helping our clients legalize their documents for international recognition in any country worldwide.

Service cost: Starting from 700 UAH.

Processing time: From 1 to 5 working days

Need for Apostille Services on a Marriage Certificate in Ukraine

With increasing migration and movement of Ukrainians worldwide, an apostille on a marriage certificate issued in Ukraine is an essential need for many Ukrainians who seek to have their marital status recognized in any country that accepts apostilled documents. This is especially relevant for displaced persons and migrants who need to confirm their personal documents in the new country.

Company “Persha Yurydychna” offers convenient online access to apostille services for marriage certificates, allowing clients to order the service remotely.

Advantages of company “Persha Yurydychna”:

  • Individual approach and professional consultations;
  • Fast and efficient apostille services for documents;
  • Online service for clients’ convenience and ordering from any country worldwide;
  • Confidentiality and protection of personal data.

For additional information, consultations, or to submit an application for an apostille of a marriage certificate in Ukraine, please use the feedback form on our website or contact us through the contact details provided on the “Persha Yurydychna” website. We are ready to answer all your questions and help legalize your marriage certificate for further international recognition abroad.