Real Estate and Land Law

Our specialists will provide you with full-scale research and detailed comprehensive legal audit (due diligence) of real property you are interested in, and evaluate possible risks before making a decision concerning real property purchase. Due Diligence of real property covers complete life cycle of the real property, from the moment of its appearance as a real estate object till the moment of making decision to purchase it, reveals critical aspects in its history, which may subsequently cause additional expenses or risks for a future owner. 

First Legal provides its clients with legal audit (due diligence) in the area of residential (both in the primary, and in the secondary market) and commercial real property, including industrial, warehouse, retail, office, hotel, mixed-use real property, and in the area of land relations.

First Legal also provides full legal support in registration of title in real property, lend lease, purchase/sale, privatization of real property etc.

This includes:

  • Residential property audit (the new home market).
  • Residential property audit (the secondary housing market).
  • Land title search.
  • Consultations on taxation of real property transactions.
  • Legal support of real property transactions.