Legal representation of businesses entities and individuals at court

Our legal firm can assist you in defending of your rights and interests at court in civil disputes, disputes arising from labor relations, economic (business) disputes in connection with nonfulfillment of contractual obligations, corporate disputes between owners and administrative disputes whens appealing the decisions of state authorities.

We offer you representation at local courts (economic, administrative, general courts), courts of appeal (general, economic and administrative courts), courts of cassation (the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, the High specialized court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal cases) and at the Supreme Court of Ukraine, as well as at arbitration tribunals and at the International Commercial arbitration at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

Our experts will help you to evaluate the situation and prospects of the court proceeding in the legal and competent way and at the stage of pre-trial settlement will negotiate and execute all legally required steps to resolve the dispute peacefully.

In case of impossibility to reach a compromise we’ll prepare all necessary procedural documents, depending on the situation, such as a claim, statement of defense, statement of counter-claim, appeal claim and cassation claim, complaints, requests, commentaries, statements and other documents.

And we will certainly straightly defend your interests at court proceedings, in accordance with the chosen strategy.

Generally, our services are complex and include the following elements:

Evaluation of the prospects of the case

Analysis of the situation and documents in reference to reachability of objectives of the Client. Written and/or oral conclusion regarding methods, prospects and cost of protecting of the interests by means of non-judicial and judicial procedure, and the possibility of further enforcement of the court decision.

Developing of the plan of Client’s interests protection

Analysis of situation and preparation of several possible scenarios of its development. Development of plan of actions based on events, court decisions, actions of the opponent and intentions of the Client.

Preparation of statement of claim, statement of defense

Analysis of the situation and provided documents. Preparation of statement of claim that will be submitted to the court. And in case the Customer is a defendant before the court – development of statement of defense.

Preparation of other procedural documents.

Preparation of appeal claims, cassation claims, statements, protests, requests and other legal documents.

Pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

Legal representation at the pre-trial and extrajudicial  settlement of the dispute. Participation in negotiations with the opponent in order to clarify positions, evaluation of the situation to reach a compromise and sign the settlement agreement.

Legal representation at court.

Participation at court proceedings in order to protect the Client’s interests.

Legal representation within the Executive Procedure.

Legal representation at the State executive service. Participation in process of the inventory description, arrest and seizure of debtor’s property. Participation in process of organization tenders for the debtor’s property sale. Appealing against actions (inaction) of executive officer.

You can choose a complex of services as well as certain service that you exactly  need at the moment from this list.