Contract Law

Drafting of contracts of various types, legal analysis and amending of existing contracts.

Our lawyers shall draw up a contract of any complexity and category, analyse the existing one, make changes, and shall agree on all essential conditions with reference to the rules of law, shall support any contractual agreement, protecting the interests of the Customer to the fullest extent possible.

The professionals of First Legal LLC will easily draw up and analyse any of the following Contracts, the list of which is not exhaustive:

  • sale and purchase contracts;
  • contracts of services;
  • contracts for work and labour (contractor agreements);
  • supply contracts;
  • lease contracts;
  • construction agreements of various types (pre-construction works, general contracting, designer and technical supervision, etc.);
  • marriage contracts, alimony payment agreements;
  • employment agreements, contracts;
  • hybrid agreements, contracts and deeds.