Drafting and analysis of contracts and other legal documents

Our company has great experience in drafting and analyzing of legal documents.

Our working languages are: Russian, Ukrainian, English and French. Documents can be initially bilingual (in order not to provide specially certified translation).

Documents that can be drafted and/or analyzed by our company, are as follows:

1.  Contracts, including foreign economic ones:

  • Sale-purchase (delivery)  agreements
  • Usually we draft the complete set of standard documents for foreign economic agreements, such as invoices, bills, way-bills, as due to the peculiarities of currency and customs legislation in Ukraine, even not properly filled or drafted document can be the reason of problems with the customs clearance of goods or problems with effecting of payment/receipt of the income for the goods.
  • Services/works provision  agreements (including agency agreement/engagement agreement/commission agreement, and contractors/ subcontractors agreement).
  • For such agreements we prepare as well acts of services delivery-acceptance/work performance, reports of the agent/commission agent, in order to avoid problems with bank currency control division when effecting payment/receiving income for received/provided services, received/delivered works.
  • Lease/sublease agreements, agreements for providing of the property available for use on other backgrounds.
  • Storage agreements (including contracts of safe storage).
  • Labor agreements/contracts, including contract (employment agreements) with non-resident (document necessary to receive of work permit for non-resident).
  • License agreements and franchising agreements (complex of agreements for transfer of rights to use trademark, know-how, commercial name).
  • Other agreements.

2. Other legal documents in accordance with the requirements of our customers.