Real estate lease contracts

For more than 11 years, First Legal Law Firm has established itself as a company specializing in the regulation of contractual relations of various kinds. Contract law is one of the main areas of activity of our company. 

Legal relations with respect to real estate lease require special attention from lawyers, as their subject matter is an expensive thing. Therefore, before concluding a real estate lease contract, it is necessary to consult qualified lawyers who will be able to objectively assess the situation and recommend making the necessary amendments to the contract. Signing of an improperly prepared lease contract can have adverse effects for both the lessor (late receipt of the rent, use of real estate not for its designated purposes, impossibility of checking the condition of the property) and the lessee (inconsistency of the real estate condition specified in the contract, obstacles for the use of property or loss of the right to use the property).   

The input data for a duly drafted real estate lease contract are:

  • name and details of the parties to the contract;
  • subject-matter of the contract, its qualitative characteristics, address;
  • rent amount and payment procedure;
  • term of the lease contract;
  • procedure of delivering and accepting real estate;
  • procedure of restoring the leased property.

The list of input data varies according to the type of real estate, as well as depending on who is a party to the contract.

You should also check the real estate in the public state registers for the absence of third party rights to the property, as well as the lessor’s right to make the property available for use.

In addition, our experts can verify the client’s future counterparty, which includes checking the counterparty in public registers (Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations, Unified State Register of Court Decisions, State Register of Debtors, etc.), checking the authority of the contractor’s director to conclude a contract, history of economic activity of the counterparty, etc. Verification of the counterparty is a key to successful business relations between the parties to the contract.

Having contracted First Legal Law Firm for the provision of the service of drafting a real estate lease contract, you will be offered a customized approach and receive a qualitative result!