Accounting services

Accounting support takes by all means important place in organization of company’s business activity. We would like to mention that competent accounting  does not mean just mechanical book-keeping of the business activity results, but it is first and foremost evaluation of the company’s (entrepreneur’s) business operations essentials and their further analysis and updating if necessary.  Whereas the operational research of the company’s cash flow lets us see the whole picture of how effectively the financial resources are used.

Our company suggests assistance in providing accounting to the companies (legal entities) and private entrepreneurs (individuals) as complex accounting servicing or as definite services and consultations provision. 

At that, our services will substantially help you to save funds on paying salary and other payments depending thereof (as there will be no necessity to hire and pay upon your own accountant or staff of accountants), as well as you will not have to pay for accounting programs and their support. Besides we are working in tight cooperation with our Customers going into necessary details as understanding of the business activity peculiarities is essential for competent provision of such kind of services. In this case we consider the information received from our Customers as confidential and do not allow its improper disclosure to the third parties.

We would like also to notice that our accounting services and support will be foremost interesting to private entrepreneurs (individuals) as even cutoff accounting  (bookkeeping) very often encroach upon much time and efforts that you can otherwise spend for more actual things – such as operation and development of your business. 

Accounting support includes, in particular, the following services:

– direct recording of business operations in accounting, based on source documents (accounting is provided in licensed accounting program 1C8), providing of the appropriate current consultations;

– assets accounting  (their amortization and capitalization);

– preparation, record maintenance and systematization of the source accounting documentation that is stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine (including as well preparation of invoices, acts, consignment bills, payment documents, etc.);

–  registration of tax (VAT) invoices in tax authorities and revision of whether the  tax (VAT) invoices were registered by counterparts (if necessary);

– compilation and submittal of the regulatory reports within the stipulated terms, calculation and payment of taxes and other withdrawals;

– revision of counterparts (under their requisites)  in accordance with the tax authorities data bases from the point of view of their registration as taxpayers (in particular VAT  taxpayers), if  necessary;

– cooperation and communication  with bank (which includes as well operations concerned with foreign economic activities, preparation and effecting of payment orders and so far).

After cooperation accomplishment all the documents will be transferred to the Customer with detailed description together with the information database of the accounting program 1C8 for the whole period of the accounting servicing.