Staff accounting support

For business activity in Ukraine it’s typical that small and middle-sized companies rather often regard the staff records management as second-rate or even unnecessary task they never have enough time for.  It is expressed in the way that staff accounting (including personnel record management) is usually provided in the company either directly by chief executive or by any of the employees in addition to his main functions and obligations. As a result of both the  first and second case –  staff accounting  is provided fragmentarily and with major breach of the Ukrainian law.

We’d like to notice that such approach to staff accounting in a company remains until either first serious  dispute with unsatisfied employee or until the first audit effected by specialized controlling authority, that may cause bringing the company to financial responsibility and the company’s chief executive to administrative or (in exceptional cases) to criminal responsibility.

In order to avoid the above mentioned troubles it’s preferably to take staff accounting seriously (even if you employment staff is small) and either employ a separate specialist on staff items or to invite specialists on outsourcing basis.

We propose you our services on staff accounting support of the company’s business activity! We’ll assist you in organizing competent staff accounting and will support it at the necessary level for the competitive fee.

With us you will not have to divert you attention at staff items any more, as you’ll be sure that competent specialists work over them, so you’ll be able to concentrate on solving other important tasks, being fully involved in other important business matters.  

Staff accounting includes as well:

– Preparation of staffing chart, duty regulations, internal work regulations of organization, development of vacation schedule, samples of applications, timesheet, orders and other current employment documents;

– Preparation and signing of the following agreements with employees:  employment agreements, confidential agreements, financial liability contracts;

– Filling in of the labour books and formation of  employees personal data files;

– Preparation and keeping of orders registration journal, labour books accounting journal and supplements to them.

– Organization and control over staff accounting documentation flow.

– Current consultations (including written consultations) concerned with staff items.

Besides if there will be such a necessity we’ll be glad to assist you in receipt of employment authorization for foreign specialists as well as to receive residence permit based on the employment in Ukraine for the latter.