Drafting of mixed agreements, contracts, arrangements

The Law Firm “First Legal” has more than 11 years of experience in drafting agreements of various complexity, including mixed agreements (arrangements, contracts). According to the current legislation, a mixed agreement is an agreement that contains elements of different types of agreements. The existence of mixed agreements is attributable primarily to the existence of the principle of freedom of contract between the parties and the determination of its terms at the discretion of the parties, subject to compliance with the good business practices, reasonableness and fairness. 

The participation of a lawyer in the agreement drafting of mixed type is extremely necessary, because the requirements for these contracts are not clearly stipulated in the legislation, which requires an analysis of the current legislation depending, on which contracts elements would be contained a specific contract, and a professional «combination» of these agreements types in one document (a mixed agreement), which would protect the potential client from the possible risks in the future. For example, quite common practice for goods (products) supplier is not only to deliver goods regardless of its purpose but also to carry out the installation of the delivered products. This makes it necessary to stipulate in the mixed agreements all the essential terms that are characteristic of both the supply agreements and the works contracts, which competently and properly outline and combine all the terms of these contracts, taking into account all the requirements of the current legislation and the features of future legal relations between the parties.

Before starting the mixed agreement drafting, the professionals of “First Legal” demand a client to provide with all the initial information necessary for its drafting, and also, they take into account the client’s at most, adjusting them to the requirements of current legislation. Obtaining the most comprehensive initial information from the client allows you to protect the client’s interests, which is a priority for the Law Company “First Legal”.

In addition to drafting or analysing mixed contracts, we offer authorisation or “verification” of the counterparty, which the client plans to build a partnership with, to our clients (if desired). This service is an analysis of the legal history of the counterparty as a business entity, which is conducted through public state registers (including the litigation history, the history of open enforcement proceedings etc.), as well as an analysis of its constituent documents and, if necessary, additional documents of the counterparty, which is a guarantee of reliability and integrity of the future partner in the years ahead.