Employment agreements (contracts)

First Legal LLC has been providing legal services for more than 11 years, as well as personnel support services for the client’s business activities. With such a significant experience we are safe to say – the experts of First Legal LLC are able to successfully fulfil the client’s task of drafting an employment agreement (or employment contract) of any complexity. 

Given the lack of a standard form of employment agreement at the legislative level, the experts of First Legal LLC always draw up such an agreement as individually defined, depending on the input information provided by the Company’s client, in particular: the actual type of the client’s economic activity, in which the official employment of the client is required; 

  • scope of the employment agreement (employment contract); 
  • requirements of the client as an employer to the position; 
  • work schedule of the employee; 
  • paid-leave conditions; 
  • term of the employment agreement (employment contract); 
  • labour pay issues; 
  • additional guarantees other than those established by the Labour Code, which are provided to the employee; 
  • conditions of probation for an employee, as well as other information.

Regarding the employment contract as one of the forms of an employment agreement, as of today, the need for its conclusion is provided for pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers, assistant lawyers, hired workers – non-residents, athletes, etc. It is extremely important for the employer to comply with all the requirements of the labour laws when drawing up an employment contract, because the labour laws define the mandatory conditions that must be set out in it, such as: term of the employment contract, rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties (including financial), conditions of material support and management of labour of the employee, conditions of termination of the agreement, including early termination. Experts of the Company guarantee that the draft employment contract for the client will be prepared in accordance with these requirements. 

First Legal LLC takes into account all the nuances established in the applicable labour legislation when drafting an employment agreement (employment contract), taking into account case law, as well as the requirements of the State Labour Service of Ukraine for the employer to take into account guarantees of the hired worker in the field of occupational safety and labour payment.

Having contracted First Legal LLC, we guarantee that the Company’s client will be provided with a high-quality service, which will result in drafting of an employment agreement/contract (or analysis of the employment agreement) in strict accordance with the labour legislation and recommendations of First Legal LLC for the client to ensure the maximum consideration and protection of his interests.