Supply contracts

First Legal LLC has more than 11 years of experience working with contracts of any complexity and scope, including supply contracts. Depending on the client’s request, the experts of our company provide services of drafting a supply contract or legal analysis of the supply contract provided by the client. At the same time, in the case of drafting of a contract, it is always unique in its kind, based on a specific set of input data provided to the Company by the client.

In the process of providing services related to the supply contract, First Legal LLC pays sufficient attention to the presence in such a contract of its essential conditions (product and prices), conditions regarding the product quality (subject matter of the contract), warranty obligations, time of transfer of ownership of the product, terms of delivery of the product, conditions of liability of the parties and other conditions.

To provide the service of drawing up a supply contract (as well as its legal analysis), the experts of First Legal LLC should have the following information as input data: 

  • specification of the product as a subject of the supply contract;
  • information on the place and method of delivery of the product, Incoterms rules, which shall apply for the proper implementation of this contract;
  • issues related to the contract price (procedure, form of payment, etc.);
  • contract term;
  • other information necessary for the qualified provision of such a service.

In addition to the service of drawing up a supply contract or conducting its legal analysis, First Legal LLC also offers a potential customer a service of verification (“checking”) of the counterparty. Such a service is an analysis of the legal history of the counterparty as a business entity using public state registers, as well as an analysis of its constituent documents and, if necessary, additional documents of the counterparty.

Verification of a counterparty allows identifying all potential negative risks that the Company’s client may face when dealing with such a counterparty. For example, the risk of invalidation of the supply contract, and/or the risk of non-performance of obligations under the contract, and/or the risk of being involved in criminal proceedings as a witness, etc.

Thus, when contacting First Legal LLC, the client shall be offered the service of verification of his future counterparty, and/or the service of drafting a supply contract or its legal analysis, as well as qualified recommendations regarding cooperation with the counterparty.