Liquidation Of The Limited Liability Company (LLC, PE) And Individual Entrepreneur Activity (IE, BE, SEI)

Liquidation of a legal entity (LLC) and termination of the individual entrepreneur’s (IE, BE) business activity is a quite natural and widespread phenomenon.

The legal entity (LLC, PE, etc.) liquidation procedure can be divided into 3 types

  • Liquidation based on the owner’s decision;
  • Liquidation based on the court decision (bankruptcy);
  • Express liquidation.

The IE termination is performed by submitting an application to the state authorities and passing an inspection in the STS bodies.

The reasons for this can be different: achievement of the set goal, desire to cease business activity, etc.

Whatever reason of deciding on the liquidation of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur, BE, the latter will have to go through all the related liquidation (termination) procedures and inspections in the state authorities.

The Company (LLC, PE) and IE (BE, SEI) liquidation cost is as follows

ServiceCost, UAHTurnaround time
LLC liquidation based on the owner’s decisionFrom UAH 22,000From 5 months
LLC liquidation based on the court decision (bankruptcy)The cost of this service depends on the region the company is registered in, the number of employees, total income and other factorsFrom 8 months
Liquidation by way of selling a share in the charter capital of the Company (express liquidation)From UAH 20,000Within 4 business days
IE (BE,SEI) terminationFrom UAH 3,000From 5 months

To go through all stages of the liquidation (business activity termination) procedure within the time limits stipulated by the law and without unnecessary hassle, you will need to be assisted by the qualified specialists, who will help you both in the preparation of the necessary package of documents and in direct interaction with the state authorities.

Let us support you in the liquidation of a legal entity or the termination of an IE (BE, SEI) business activity and be sure that we’ll do our best to complete this procedure within the time limit established by the law.