One of the ways to formalise documents for their use abroad is to affix an apostille introduced by the Hague Convention.

An apostille is a special stamp affixed to public documents that certifies the authenticity of the person’s signature put in the document and the authenticity of the imprint of a seal or a stamp that is affixed to the respective document.

In accordance with the provisions of the Convention, the document bearing the apostille does not require registration or certification and can be used in any other State being party to the Convention.

Qualified experts of First Legal will easily help to apostillize a birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of no criminal record, diploma or any other document. 

ServicePriceLead time
Apostilization at the Ministry of Justice of UkraineUAH 500.002-3 business days
Apostilization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UkraineUAH 500.002-3 business days
Apostilization at the Ministry of Education of UkraineFrom UAH 300.0020 days

Please note that payment of state duty is the responsibility of the customer. The amount of the state duty will depend on the type of document that needs to be apostillized and the authority apostillizing it.

The second way to formalise documents for their use abroad is consular legalization. Consular legalization of official documents is a procedure to confirm the authenticity of the original public documents or certify the authenticity of signatures of officials who are authorized to certify signatures on documents, as well as the validity of imprints of stamps, seals that are affixed to a document. For the average citizen, this procedure may be difficult and incomprehensible, but our lawyers have enough experience to perform all necessary actions quickly, efficiently and with a guaranteed result.

The list of documents that are not subject to legalization can be quite important information for you:

  • Documents and deeds that contradict the legislation of Ukraine or may due to their content be harmful to the interests of Ukraine, or contain information that discredit the honour and dignity of citizens;
  • Documents issued by authorities and officials in excess of their powers;
  • Originals, copies and photocopies of passports, military service cards, employment record books, documents in the nature of correspondence, licenses to carry weapon, vehicle registration certificates, driver’s licenses, identity cards, legal acts and regulations and clarifications regarding their application.

By contacting First Legal, you are guaranteed to receive the fastest legalization possible at the ministries and embassies of Ukraine.

Moreover, there is a nuance regarding some documents, namely, some documents need to be legalized not only at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, so the legalization process may take longer.

ServicePriceLead time
Legalization at the Ministry of Justice of UkraineUAH 500.005 days
Legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UkraineUAH 500.006 days
Legalization at the consulate of the relevant countryFrom UAH 300.00From 2 days

State duty and consular fee shall be paid separately.

The cost of our services will depend on what kind of service you need.

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