How to start a business in Ukraine?

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Nowadays, the issue of doing business in Ukraine by non-residents is very relevant.

But for the start of doing business on the territory of Ukraine and its legalization (registration) it is necessary to understand some aspects of the Ukrainian legislation.

Assistance in the issue of legalization and registration of business in Ukraine by specialists of the First Legal company in Kiev

If we are talking about a legal entity, first of all, you need to choose  its legal form. For example, it can be one of the next forms: the Limited Liability Company, the Subsidiary enterprise ot theRepresentative Office.

Each of the above-mentioned legal forms of doing business has their own aspects in the issues of a registration and taxation.

Be informed that for the registration, an applicant needs to submit documents, which are different. It depends  on, who is going to be a founder of the new company – an individuality or a legal entity. 

The first thing, which a foreigner has to have deal,  is to get an identification code. According to the Ukrainian Law without this code it is impossible to start the registration process. Another aspect for legal entities is that a non-resident cannot immediately become a director of an enterprise. For this, he must obtain a work permit in Ukraine. Documents for obtaining this permit have to be submitted on behalf of a legal entity. That is why, at the moment of a registration the head of an enterprise must be a citizen of Ukraine. After this, apersoncan be changed on another.

Also, a foreign citizen can become an entrepreneur in Ukraine as a sole proprietor. At the same time there are also some aspects.. At least one of them is an obligatory existence of a registered residence in Ukraine. In order to obtain a registered residence, you need to obtain  a residence permit.

The process of a registration and doing a business with a non-resident accompanied with  many other questions, such as; an opening banking accounts, a formation of contracts for doing business, a rent an office, etc.

All these issues require a qualified legal assistance, legal and accounting support of the specialists, support of a registration of a recruitment staff.

The First Legal Company is the reliable guide to your business through the Ukrainian legislation.

For more than 10 years, the First Legal Company has been providing the consulting and outsourcing services in the field of the bookkeeping accounting and tax accounting. Also, the First Legal Company is engaged with issues of a registration and liquidation process of enterprises, legal consulting, etc.

We provide services to both non-resident legal entities and individuals.

Our team will assist you in a resolving of  any issues on the basis of both continuous and one-time cooperation.

We always review the Ukrainian legislation in order to make your business in Ukraine as comfortable for you.

Author: Анна Ратуш

Deputy Head of the Accounting Department

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