Why should you use the service of a wide-ranging check of the land plot before buying it?

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Have you already found a land plot to build your future home or to implement a new business project? Professionals of the law firm First Legal always advise their customers to check their future purchase and its seller `. And that’s why it’s really worth doing.

Checking the land in state registries makes it possible to find out the real owner of the property, land category, purpose of the land, its size, property rights of third parties (rent, easement, etc.), as well as to check for the presence or absence of existing restrictions on use (security zones around objects of communications, infrastructure, etc.).

The verification of the seller of the land is important at the stage of verification of the land before its purchase, this makes it possible to establish the presence / absence of prohibitions on it on the date of transactions with real estate and other information that is essential for concluding a contract of sale, to trace the legitimacy or illegitimacy of previous agreements on the transfer of ownership of the land.

Specialists of the law firm First Legal also recommend their customers to analyze the town-planning documentation of the locality or of its part, where the land plot  is located, as well as technical documentation for such a land plot. Carrying out such an analysis will provide the ability to be clearly informed about the sequence of actions carried out with the land from the stage of its primary formation to the stage of its separation, or combining of previously formed land plots, changing its purpose etc.

In any case, specialists of the law firm First Legal advise to approach responsibly the verification of the land before buying it. Only a comprehensive analysis of documents, information from state registers and urban / technical documentation allows to assess the situation completely, because each land plot is unique in its characteristics and in formation history. Lawyers of the law firm First Legal have many years of experience in support of transactions, which subject is real estate, and the unique service of checking a land plot before buying will save your time and money and help to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Author: Тарас Овсийчук


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