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Юридические и бухгалтерские услуги в Португалии

Portugal is one of the most promising countries in the European Union for creating and scaling your own business. However, when running your own business, questions always arise about real estate transactions, legal services, accounting and tax accounting, reporting, personnel issues.

The First Legal Portugal company provides legal and accounting services, turnkey business subscription service, any consultation questions on the territory of Portugal.

One of the main directions of the First Legal Portugal company is the comprehensive turnkey business service. First Legal Portugal specialists provide legal advice, legal support for transactions of any complexity, accounting and HR support for any business in Portugal.

Legal services in Portugal by First Legal Portugal include:

✓ Consultations of lawyers, attorneys and other specialists of the company;

✓ Preparation of written consultations, conclusions, contracts, agreements and other normative documents;

✓ Legal analysis of legal documents and regulatory acts;

✓ Development of contracts, agreements, declarations, letters, internal company documents;

✓ Registration and liquidation of business in Portugal;

✓ Support of inspections by state bodies;

✓ Carrying out any registration actions, making changes to information and founding documents of the company;

✓ Representation of interests in court;

✓ Buying and selling real estate;

✓ Legalization of documents (apostille and consular legalization);

✓ Copyright protection in Portugal;

✓ Services on immigration issues in Portugal;

✓ Probate and inheritance registration;

✓ Solving of other legal issues.

The main areas of law in which we advise are:

✓ family law;

✓ land right;

✓ immigration law;

✓ inheritance lawht;

✓ contract law;

✓ civil law;

✓ tax law;

✓ labor law;

✓ international law;

✓ other areas of law.

Accounting services in Portugal provided by First Legal Portugal include:

✓ consulting on choosing a taxation system at the stage of business creation;

✓ accounting;

✓ tax accounting;

✓ submission of tax returns;

✓ control of current payments;

✓ VAT refund process;

✓ salary payments for employees;

✓ other individual services, depending on the client’s activity specifics.

By contacting First Legal Portugal, you receive turnkey legal and accounting services, an individual approach, a 100% guarantee of results, and a well-prepared consultation.

First Legal Portugal also provides additional services for individuals and legal entities, namely:

✓ Registration of a private entrepreneur;

✓ Company registration;

✓ Business accounting support;

Golden Visa in Portugal;

✓ Obtaining a residence permit for non-residents;

✓ Support in obtaining any type of visa;

✓ Obtaining a tax number;

✓ Opening bank accounts;

✓ Legalization of documents.

✓ Legalization of documents.

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