Online legal advice: what issues are to be resolved online?

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Legal advice online is the fastest way to get qualified assistance from a lawyer or legal counsel on issues related to the specialization of a particular lawyer / legal counsel. Such consultation is most optimal in terms of time both for its provision and for its receipt, because such consultation can be provided quite quickly without preventing the Client from doing his main business. At the same time, the advantage of obtaining legal advice online is the possibility for the Client to receive it regardless of his location and the location of the lawyer / legal counsel, as well as the issues requiring consultation are virtually unlimited, the main thing is that such questions relate to the specialization of the lawyer / legal counsel, law firm, lawyer’s office or association which you have referred to. Therefore, the main advantage of such consultations is surely their speed, which does not oblige you, as a Client, to spend precious time on long trips and travel.

We live in the 21st century, which is associated with the introduction of digital technologies in almost all areas of business – digitalization, which allows us to optimize and automate business processes, improve communication. The sphere of legal services is no exception, because today the possibilities for providing and receiving legal services have expanded enormously, which is also associated with a number of legislative changes that have made the sphere of legal services more flexible.

Online legal advice can be provided:

  • in the form of an oral communication between the Client and a lawyer, say, directly by phone or in the format of an online conference, online video call using modern instant messengers for communication (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) or other specialized programs for video communication (Skype, Zoom, etc.);
  • by filling out a special form provided on the official website of a law firm, lawyer’s office / association, lawyer, etc., where you briefly indicate the essence of the issue of interest and receive advice by e-mail or in another convenient way. For example, you have this opportunity by filling out the appropriate form on the website of our law firm:;
  • using electronic correspondence (e-mail) indicated on the website of a law firm, lawyer’s office / association, lawyer, etc. For example, you can send your question to the official email address of our company:

Today, there are a lot of means for online communication with the Client, so choosing the most convenient form for obtaining legal advice online will be quite simple and easy for you. If we analyze the issues that a lawyer or a legal counsel can deal with online (without being in direct communication with the Client), we can say with confidence that there is a majority of such issues. Let’s try to explain why. These issues can be quite diverse: for example, from the initial consultation on how to start your own business, the development of a business scheme, to the development of contracts of any kind, representation / protection of your interests in court. In addition, online legal advice can be provided in most branches of law, in particular in the field of civil, economic, administrative, tax, corporate, labor, land law. Only with rare exceptions, online consultation of a lawyer / legal counsel is not possible, for example: the need for a lawyer / legal counsel to be present during the representation of the Client’s interests in notary bodies, public authorities (internal affairs bodies, bodies of the State Customs Service, State Migration Service, etc.). Although, at the same time, it is worth noting that quite a lot of state authorities today carry out consideration of complaints remotely using Internet tools (online), if we are talking, for example, about the administrative (pre-trial) procedure for appealing against decisions (acts) of authorities (bodies of the tax service, the antimonopoly committee, etc.), which makes it possible to involve a lawyer / legal counsel online in the provision of qualified legal services in almost all cases.

So, there is a vast majority of issues that a lawyer / legal counsel can deal with online. At the same time, it can be both oral and written legal advice on issues that you want to get an answer to, preparation of various legal documents (receipts, claims, contracts, statements of claim, complaints, etc.), as well as representation of your interests in courts of different jurisdictions of all instances. Indeed, today, due to a number of legislative changes that have taken place, in particular, in the judicial system, the physical presence of a lawyer / legal counsel in a court session is not necessary. At the same time, the use of video conferencing systems (EasyCon) by participants in court proceedings has become quite popular, which makes it possible for a lawyer / legal counsel to take part in a court session using their own technical means (own PC, laptop, tablet, etc.), sitting in the office or at home without leaving the courtroom. It should be noted that lawyers / legal counsels often use a remote form of participation in court hearings, because this saves not only the time of a lawyer / legal counsel , but also saves you money to compensate for the costs of a lawyer / legal counsel for travelling to the place of hearing, food, accommodation, especially when it comes to hearing a court case in another city where the specialist you entrusted with the conduct of your case does not live/work.

Of course, before getting advice from a lawyer / legal counsel online, it is important for the Client to make sure of the competence and / or experience of the relevant specialist. After all, before voicing the problem, it is important for the Client to make sure whether such a specialist can be trusted. Of course, there are many ways to do this. Firstly, you can monitor in advance the official website of the law firm, lawyer’s office / association, legal aid center, the lawyer you plan to contact for legal advice, read the reviews. Secondly, knowing the name of a lawyer / legal counsel or his phone number providing you with the relevant service, you can independently check the information about him in the Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine (ERAU) at the link: Thirdly, if there is no information about a lawyer / legal counsel in ERAU, you can always request documents confirming the qualifications of the relevant lawyer / legal counsel .

It is important to understand that the method of obtaining a consultation that you choose (online or face to face) , does not in any way affect the quality and completeness of the consultation received.

You can send all documents and / or information necessary for a lawyer / legal counsel to provide advice in any way convenient for you (by e-mail), by uploading to the cloud storage, to any messenger convenient for you (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.). At the same time, if you receive legal assistance from a lawyer, the right to confidentiality of the information provided by you is guaranteed to you by the Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and Lawyer Activity”, the Rules of Advocacy Ethics, as well as the agreement on the provision of legal assistance concluded between the Client and the lawyer / lawyer’s office / association and is a primary document certifying the lawyer’s authority to provide legal assistance to the Client. If you receive advice directly from a law firm, the latter guarantees the confidentiality of the information you transmit by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you.

If you choose a remote method of obtaining legal assistance (online), all issues of formalizing your relationship you can also decide online: how to conclude a contract for the provision of legal services / on the provision of legal assistance, as well as the payment for such services. Especially considering that we live in a time when the use of an electronic digital signature (EDS) in our daily life is an integral part thereof, opening up opportunities for any online services in Ukraine, in particular, for obtaining legal services online. Of course, if you do not have or do not use an EDS, you can always sign an agreement for the provision of legal services / legal assistance yourself and send it by mail.

The cost of online legal services depends, as a rule, on the complexity of the issue with which you applied for legal assistance and the time spent by the lawyer / legal counsel to provide appropriate advice. At the same time, the procedure for calculating the remuneration (time-based payment, a fixed amount), the procedure and terms for paying the remuneration of a lawyer / legal counsel are determined in the relevant agreement on the provision of legal services / on the provision of legal assistance by a lawyer. For example, the minimum cost of legal advice from a lawyer / legal counsel in Kyiv is _____ per hour. At the same time, the issue of the amount of remuneration and the procedure for payment should be discussed with a law firm or a lawyer / lawyer’s office / association ahead of time, before ordering a legal service.

Payment for consultation of a lawyer / legal counsel can be carried out both via electronic payment funds (Internet banking), and by transferring funds, acquiring, depending on the settings of the website of a law firm or a lawyer / lawyer’s office / association, etc. As a rule, a consultation that does not require a lot of time is paid for in advance, before it is provided.

So, summing up the above, we can confidently say that online legal advice is a modern and optimal solution for both providers of such services, and for their recipients (Clients). Their effectiveness is undoubted, because this is a new level of development in the field of legal services, provided, in particular, by our law firm “Pervaya Yuridicheskaya”.

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