Receipt of taxpayer’s registration number register card (identification code) for a foreigner

Individual Taxpayer Number (taxpayer ID number) is the document, which approves the payer`s registration in the State Payments` Register of. To obtain a taxpayer ID number can anyone, not depending on its age or citizenship.

Getting a taxpayer ID number is obligatory for resident of Ukraine or/and non-resident of Ukraine in the following cases:

  • job placement;
  • legal entity`s foundation on the territory of Ukraine;
  • registration of solo proprietor;
  • opening a bank account, obtaining loans, and, also, during carrying out any other financial transactions;
  • during a purchase of a real estate and / or other expensive material assets (car, etc.);
  • during conducting of other financial transactions, which are connected with a taxes` payment.

An obtaining of a taxpayer ID number is carried out in the bodies of the State Tax Service of Kyiv and, also, of the regions. The registration deadline is 5 (five) working days from the day of the individual`s request to the tax authorities., by its representative or authorized person with the necessary package of documents.

In order to obtain ataxpayer ID number an individuality submits following documents:

  • an application (forma 1DR);
  • a passport`s copy with a translation into Ukrainian language, which should be notarized, and, also, a copy of the passport page, which has a mark of last entry to the territory of Ukraine;
  • copy of a temporary or permanent residence permit;
  • power of attorney for our Company`s employees, certified according to the Law.

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