Changing the founders and the shareholders lineup of the legal entity (llc, pe, company)

In case of selling the company or withdrawal from it, sale of one’s own business or withdrawal of partners from the shareholders line-up, the company founders need to perform some changes. The sale, alienation, assignment of a share (corporate rights) in the Company’s Authorized Capital is performed in two ways:

  1. On the basis of a notarial statement of withdrawal from the Company’s shareholders (founders) line-up and the transfer of corporate rights (share in the authorized capital) to the new owner;
  2. Sale of a share in the authorized capital of the Company by concluding Share (Corporate Rights) Sale and Purchase Agreement and notarial certification of the Delivery and Acceptance Certificate to such Agreement.

Contact the First Legal Company to find out which option works best for you. Our specialists will choose the best option for you and will qualitatively help you to perform all the necessary registration actions.

The cost of the procedure to change the Company’s shareholders line-up is UAH 3,000.

Turnaround time – 2 business days

Notary services are paid separately

The procedure includes as follows:

  • Free initial legal and accounting assistance on the procedure;
  • Preparation and verification of a set of documents required to change the Company’s shareholders (founders) line-up;
  • Supporting the signing of a set of documents and their notary certification;
  • Submitting a set of documents to the state registrar to introduce changes to the Unified State Register (USR);
  • Introducing changes into the USR and getting particulars thereof.

List of documents and information needed to change the Company’s shareholders/founders line-up

  • Information on the new shareholders/founders line-up. Individuals – a copy of passport and Taxpayer ID card; legal entities – constituent documents; non-resident individuals – (passport and a copy of passport with translation into Ukrainian language certified according to the applicable legislation of Ukraine, Taxpayer ID (if available);
  • Application for withdrawal from the shareholders (founders) of the Company – to be executed by our specialists;
  • The Company’s Authorized Capital Share Sale and Purchase Agreement – to be executed by our legal advisors;
  • Delivery and Acceptance Certificate to the Agreement – to be executed by our specialists;
  • Resolution or minutes of the general meeting of shareholders – to be executed by our specialists;
  • The Articles of Association – to be executed by our specialists, is necessary.

If you want to get professional assistance in making the necessary changes to the LLC, please contact the First Legal Company. Our Legal Advisors will provide high quality assistance and find a way out of any situation.