Changing the name of the legal entity (LLC, PE, company)

The procedure for changing the name of the legal entity is time consuming and requires in-depth knowledge of the corporate law. The owner of the legal entity must know that after the procedure of changing the name, the whole set of constituent documents of the Company, where the company name is registered, including the seal, are changed. The First Legal Company specialists will help you perform this procedure efficiently and quickly.

The cost of the procedure to change the name of the company is UAH 2,500.

Turnaround time – from 3 business days

Notary services are paid separately

The procedure includes as follows:

  • Free initial legal and accounting assistance on the procedure;
  • Preparation and verification of a set of documents needed to change the name of the Company;
  • Supporting notary signing of a set of documents;
  • Submitting a set of documents to the state registrar to introduce changes to the Unified State Register (USR);
  • Introducing changes into the USR and getting particulars and extracts thereof;
  • If necessary, filing out an application to change information in the VAT and/or single tax payers registers;
  • Submission and receipt of extracts from the VAT and/or single tax payers registers;
  • Seal manufacture – this service is ordered separately.

List of documents and information needed to change the Company’s name

  • New name of the Company;
  • Resolution or minutes of the general meeting of shareholders – to be executed by our specialists;
  • The Company’s Articles of Association – to be executed by our specialists.

If you value yourself, your time and want to change the name of the Company in a short period of time, contact the First Legal Company. Our specialists will give you professional assistance and make all the necessary qualitative changes in the Company.