Changing the types of economic activity of the legal entity (llc, pe, company)

During any business activity, there is a need to expand services and the list of goods sold by the Company. The First Legal Company specialists will help you choose the right types of economic activity according to the applicable Classifier of economic activities.

There are two ways of changing the economic activities (KVED)

  • With the approval a restated Articles of Association, if economic activities were not specified in the constituent document;
  • Without approval of a restated Articles of Association, if economic activities were specified in the Articles of Association.

 The cost of the procedure to change the Company’s economic activities is UAH 1,000.

Turnaround time – 1 business day

Notary services are paid separately

List of documents and information needed to make the aforementioned changes

  • Information on the new types of economic activities to be added – our specialists will help you selecting the required list of activities;
  • Information on the shareholders/founders line-up. Individuals – a copy of passport and Taxpayer ID card; legal entities – constituent documents; non-resident individuals – (passport and a copy of passport with translation into Ukrainian language certified according to the applicable legislation of Ukraine, Taxpayer ID (if available);
  • The Company’s Articles of Association – if a restated Articles of Association need to be approved.

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