Individual entrepreneur is an individual who chooses to do business on his own, undertaking all the risks associated with running his own business and aiming at making profit without creating a legal entity. The First Legal Company specialists will advise you on the nuances of the IE activity and prepare a complete set of documents to register the BE (business entity), individual entrepreneur with the relevant state authorities.

The IE registration cost is starting from UAH 1,800. 

Turnaround time is starting from 1 business day

Notary services are paid separately.

The IE registration cost includes as follows:

  • Free initial legal and accounting assistance on registration of a private entrepreneur and choice of taxation system
  • Legal assistance in selecting economic activities (KVED);
  • Preparation and verification of a set of documents for IE registration with the state authorities;
  • Submission of a set of documents to register IE, BE, SEI (Self-Employed Individual);
  • Obtaining a description and extract from the Unified State Register;
  • Supporting the registration with the STS bodies;
  • Applying for a taxation system (VAT or ST – Single tax);
  • Obtaining extracts from the registers (VAT or ST);
  • Registration of accounting books.

List of documents required to register the entrepreneur, IE, BE and SEI:

  • Taxpayer ID card;
  • Passport.

Also the laws of Ukraine allow for registering IE not on the basis of the place of its residence. 

The IE (BE, SEI) registration process requires specialized knowledge. The First Legal Company specialists will assist you at all stages of the procedure free of charge.

If you have any questions you can contact us by phone or fill out an electronic form and we will call you back shortly!