Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner, renewal of a work permit for a foreigner

Permission to employ a foreigner is issued to the employer. It is provided if such an employer is registered at the employment official authorities as a payer of insurance contributions to the Fund of the obligatory state social insurance of Ukraine. The one more additional condition to receive such a permit is to have no debt for the employer before this Fund.

Such a document can be obtained only after receipt of positive decision of consideration commission of employer’s deeds (or employer’s grantor). A permission can be issued for a period not exceeding one year or for a period of the employment contract duration. But in any case the term should not exceed 1 (one) year. Nevertheless, for particular categories of employees a term of this permission can be established for a period not more than 3 (three) years. For instance, these employees can be: IT-specialists, company’s founders and/or companys participants, who are registered in Ukraine. Work permit may be extended for up to one year, an unlimited number of times.

In order to obtain a permission to employ a foreigner (work permit for non-resident of Ukraine), the employer submits to the employment official authorities the following documents:

  • Employer’s application;
  • Copies of a foreigner’s passport pages with personal data together with a notarized translation;
  • Two color foreigner’s photographies with size of 2.3*4.5 centimeters;
  • Power of attorney issued by a Company – employer in favor of our Company’s employees;
  • Copy of employment contract draft, certified by the Company-employer.

We offer services of preparation and submission of the relevant package of documents to obtain a work permit for a foreigner. Moreover, we can assist prolongation of a foreigner’s work permit. We will assist you to obtain the necessary permission as soon as possible. If you still have any additional issues – we ‘ll consult you with a great pleasure!