Representation of non-resident interests in ICAC

If you are a non-resident, have a contract with a Ukrainian company and believe that your rights are violated – lawyers of First Legal will help You to protect your interests.

Why is it worth to apply for the protection of Your rights to the ICAC?

1. Years of experience and competence of arbitrators.

2. Effective and fast case resolution.

3. Orientation on the needs of the parties.

How do we work when one of the parties of dispute is a non-resident?

To make the dispute be resolved in ICAC, the signed contract must have an arbitration clause. After researching Your contract, we will unambiguously consult you about the possibility of protecting Your interests in the ICAC.

After that our lawyers will choose the defense strategy of Your interests, and, having agreed on every issue with You, they will prepare all procedural documents to sue to the ICAC.

The next steps are: representation of Your interests in the arbitration proceedings, decision making and its enforcement. We will represent Your company at each of these stages. 

After you choose First Legal to protect Your interests at the ICAC, we guarantee You a professional attitude, a responsible approach and the search for custom solutions to resolve Your problems.