In the conditions of development of agricultural producers and opening of agricultural land turnover, the issue of termination of the lease agreement for a land plot is one of the most pressing today.

According to Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine No. 161-XIV of 06.10.1998 ‘On Land Lease’ (hereinafter — the Law), the land lease is an agreement-based fixed-term paid possession and use of a land plot required by the landholder for entrepreneurial and other types of activities.

It should be noted that under Article 31 of this Law, a lease agreement for a land plot may be terminated by agreement of the parties or, at the request of one of the parties, by a court decision. Termination of a land plot lease agreement unilaterally is not allowed, unless otherwise provided for by the agreement or current legislation of Ukraine.

However, when faced with the issue of terminating the land lease in reality, the average citizen understands that our legislator is on the side of the landholder, not allowing ordinary citizens, in case of a conflict with the landholder or in case a better land lease offer arises, to take back their land.

Specialists at the First Legal law firm have extensive experience in land law and will help you choose a legal position to terminate the lease agreement, as each case is unique and requires a detailed analysis.

Our specialists will perform out the following actions:

  • comprehensive legal audit of the concluded lease agreement, additional agreements and its annexes, identification of critical points, specific conditions and risks for the client;
  • verification of the proper execution of the essential terms of the contract, identification of violations;
  • bookkeeping audit on payment of lease payments and verification of financial statements;
  • letter-writing, claim-writing;
  • assistance of lawyers in resolving disputes in courts of all instances.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in legal relationships related to land law and have the tools to get our clients the results they need.

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